We live in a digital world with ever-increasing access to the Internet. While technology has brought many positive benefits, it has also opened the door to more temptations and dangers, such as pornography, social media addiction, gambling, planning self-harm, etc. These temptations are harder to resist in isolation.

Thus, we recommend using accountability software to help protect you and your family. While there are many helpful tools, we recommend Accountable2You and we have secured a discount for those who sign up using this link.

How Accountable2You Works to Help Your Family

To see what the software can monitor, visit this page at Accountable2You’s website.

You Can Overcome Pornography

While pornography is not the only danger, it is a major one. The Bible gives three steps in overcoming temptations. The short video below can provide hope and direction if you are entrapped in this sin.

For a free digital booklet that discusses these ideas, visit the Accountable2You webpage “Defending Purity in a Pornographic Age.”

How to Get Started with Accountable2You

  1. Create your Accountable2You account. Use the “Sign up” button below to get discounted pricing.
  2. Install Accountable2You on your devices; here are installation guides if you want to see how that works.
  3. Choose an accountability partner. An email will be sent to them asking if they are willing to receive reports of your activity.

Note: Only your chosen accountability partner will have access to your activity reports.