Baptism & Communion

This booklet discusses the importance of these two ordinances and answers frequently asked questions such as:
– “What if I was baptized as an infant?”
– “How old must a person be to be baptized?”
– “Must I be baptized to partake in communion?”
– “Should children partake in communion?”

Thinking about Getting Married?

If you are thinking about getting married at Grace Church or by one of our pastors, this booklet is for you. It briefly mentions some important things for you to know about weddings which our pastors participate in.

Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage

This booklet briefly lays out God’s design for marriage and Grace Church’s position on issues of divorce and remarriage.

Domestic Abuse Care

This document describes the principles that guide Grace Church’s approach to caring for those affected by domestic abuse.

A Biblical Understanding of Authority

We live in a culture that champions rebellion against authority while simultaneously demanding greater government control over every aspect of life. Rather than conforming to the culture, Grace Church of Tallahassee desires to be faithful to God’s revealed will in all matters of life and doctrine. This position paper sets forth many of the biblical principles regarding authority and the Christian responsibilities to authority.