Special Events

Special Events

Special speakers and other events held at Grace Church

Ministry Within the Neighborhood

Pastor Ben Khazraee interviews Pastor Charlie Greenwell and member Ben Pittman about recent opportunities that they have experienced while being intentional about witnessing in the neighborhood around Grace Church.

2019 Easter Choir Special

The Grace Church Choir sings, “Crowd the Gates” and “Is He Worthy?” during the 2019 Easter service on April 21, 2019.

Biblical Addiction Counseling Seminar

Table of Contents Session 1 – A Biblical View of Addiction, Part 1Session 2 – A Biblical View of Addiction, Part 2Session 3 – Basic Biblical Principles, Strategies, and Procedures for Helping “Addicts”Session 4 – A Counseling Strategy for Helping Counselees Struggling with PornographySession 5 – Counseling Addicts in Teams of Two / Truth and Grace Inventory / Case Study Biblical Addiction Counseling Seminar • Tim Brown March 1-2, 2019 Speaker Tim Brown, Director & Counselor of His Steps Ministries, Inc., conducted…

2018 Easter Special

The choir presents their 2018 Easter song special at Grace Church of Tallahassee on April 1, 2018.

Pure and Undefiled Religion

DAVID WOOTEN • LIFELINE CHILDREN’S SERVICES Special guest speaker David Wooten delivers a powerful message regarding pure and undefiled religion at Grace Church of Tallahassee, Sunday January 31, 2016. David is the Florida State Director of Lifeline Children’s services, a full-service adoption and orphan care ministry, serving families and children in the United States and around the globe.

Christ in the Passover

IGOR BARBANEL • JEWS FOR JESUS Held April 11, 2014 This visual presentation shows the link between the ancient Festival of Redemption (Passover) and Jesus Christ as the Lamb of God. Using a table set with traditional Passover items, the presenter shows how these all weave in with passages from the Old Testament. Igor Barbanel is the Deputy Director in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. He also gives an update on the recent events taking place in those countries.

Memorial Service for Pastor Gene Jenkins

Held August 17, 2013 Friends and family celebrated the life of Grace Church’s founding pastor and faithful shepherd of God’s children who passed into eternity with Christ on August 12, 2013.