Levis Hughes
Levis Hughes

Levis Hughes

Levis Hughes serves in the role of deacon at Grace Church. Levis has a passion to support church work by finding ways to serve both the body at Grace Church but also to serve the elders in order to free them up to study in order to build the body.

Levis is married (since 1985) to his lovely wife, Pat, who also serves the body of Grace Church in a variety of roles. She is a great encourager to all she meets. Levis and Pat have two sons; one a pastor in Phoenix, AZ and one a police officer in Jacksonville, FL. They have six grandchildren.

Levis works at the Florida Department of Education managing a staff in the educational finance and grants and scholarships division.

Deacon (Safety and Risk Management)
Mark Glass
Deacon (Ushers & Missions)
Keith Myhre