Sermons on Psalms

Sermons on Psalms

Your Promises Give Me Life

Psalm 119:41-56 The psalmist in this passage reflects on God’s promises as given in His word. Pastor Ben Khazraee looks at each point that address how God’s promises affect our lives generally and, especially, our lives during times of affliction.

When I’m Afraid I Will Trust in You

Psalm 56 In this Psalm by David, he laments his fearful situation but confesses his trust in God’s protection. Pastor Ben Khazraee relates the depth of David’s fear and his resolve to have faith in God’s promises to our lives as Christians today.

Living in a Culture of Lies

Psalm 12 In this Psalm, David laments about living in a world where he is surrounded by liars. Pastor Ben Khazraee shows how these circumstances are still affecting us today and, like David, we can have hope in God’s word.

Characteristics of the God-fearer

Psalm 112 Pastor Doug Link draws from a parallel passage, Psalm 111, and focuses on Psalm 112, to help us understand what it means to fear the LORD and what the characteristics are of someone who does properly fear Him.

Our God is Holy, Worship in Fear and Joy

Psalm 99 What kind of king is our God? Pastor Ben Khazraee visits Psalm 99 to reveal that God is terrifyingly great and yet just above all, which demands that we respond in exaltation and worship.

A Prayer and Path for the Good Life

Psalm 119:17-32 In this message, which is appropriate instruction for the new year, Pastor Ben Khazraee visits Psalm 119 to explore the proper attitude of prayer that leads to a path towards the good life. Let’s recommit to going God’s way this year!

Praise: Our Eternal Occupation

Psalm 146 We all know that God’s word calls us to praise him. Pastor Doug Link opens Psalm 146 to help us understand why the LORD alone is worthy and why it should be something that we should resolve to do every day of our lives.

The Joy of Working and Resting Faithfully

Psalm 127 Building a successful, safe, and prosperous life can be a difficult and sometimes obsessive effort. Pastor Ben Khazraee takes us to Psalm 127 to discover that, unless we work with the Lord, our efforts will be in vain and we won’t be blessed with rest.

What is Man? The Joy of Being Made in God’s Image

Psalm 8 Having an accurate understanding of who we are and where we fit in God’s world is critical to our view of humanity and questions being debated today in our society. Pastor Ben Khazraee extracts fundamental truths from Psalm 8 which helps us have the proper answers to who God is and who we are.

When Difficulties Lead to Doubt

Psalm 77 Difficulties and suffering can cloud our vision and lead us to a common reaction: doubting whether God is willing or able to help. Pastor Ben Khazraee opens this psalm of lament to explore how doubts arise and how we should deal with them.

The Unsearchable Greatness of our God

Psalm 145 “God is great, God is good…”; so begins the childhood prayer. But just how great is God? Pastor Doug Link explores Psalm 145 in search of answers to who God is, how great he is, and how we should respond.