Sermons from May 2015

Sermons from May 2015

Mary’s Song of Praise

Luke 1:46-55 ~ Senior Pastor Rod Bunton concludes his teaching on The Magnficat, Mary’s song of praise that magnifies the Lord.

The Right Response

Luke 1:46:55 ~ After receiving confirmation and comfort from Elizabeth and her unborn son, Mary’s response was what it should have been. In this introduction to The Magnificat, Senior Pastor Rod Bunton teaches that we were made to worship God.

Confirmation and Comfort

Luke 1:35-45 ~ After Mary’s miraculous conception, she traveled to visit Elizabeth where an unusual prophetic event gave her just what she needed. Senior Pastor Rod Bunton shows how God provided for Mary who was just starting a difficult journey.

Nothing Will Be Impossible With God

Luke 1:26-38 ~ When God chose to clothe His deity in humanity through a virgin conception and to open a barren womb to produce the herald for the coming messiah, He proved that nothing is too difficult to overcome in order to fulfill His plan. Senior Pastor Rod Bunton concludes this passage that announced the coming of the Savior.

An Ordinary Girl From an Ordinary Place

Luke 1:26-38 ~ Showing His humility, God chose a virgin from Nazareth to bring His son into the world. Senior Pastor Rod Bunton tells about the second visit by the angel Gabriel that foretold a greater miracle than the first.