Sermons from April 2016

Sermons from April 2016

Keep Calm and Trust God

Psalm 37 – Pastor Doug Link takes us to Psalm 37 and explains how God’s word teaches us the right response to an evil world.

Mixing Darkness with Light

Luke 5:33-39 – The Pharisees had a different opinion about fasting than what they observed in the disciples of Jesus. Pastor Rod Bunton explains how they wanted a religion that met their expectations and it was a perfect opportunity for Jesus to teach truth.

Seeking Out Sinners

Luke 5:27-32 – The Pharisees couldn’t believe that Jesus would associate with such reviled sinners like Matthew and the other tax collectors. Pastor Rod Bunton teaches us what Jesus taught them: that He was where He was needed most.

Healing the Most Needful Affliction

Luke 5:17-26 – In this passage, four men show great determination and compassion when they bring their paralyzed friend to Jesus. Pastor Rod Bunton shows us that Jesus first addressed the affliction that most needed His attention.