Sermons from July 2016

Sermons from July 2016

Love Your Enemies, Part 1

Luke 6:27-36 – We have many examples of evildoers in our local circles and around the world today; these people are not easy to love. Pastor Rod Bunton reminds us that, as unredeemed sinners, we were the enemies of God and yet He chose to love us.

Caring for the Conscience

1 Corinthians 8 – Some are weak, some are ignored, but we all have consciences that we rely on to help us discern right from wrong. Pastor Doug Link uses this passage to teach us the Biblical view of dealing with the differences that exist between believers.

Blessings and Woes, Part 4

Luke 6:22,26 – Blessed are you when people hate you and woe to you when all people speak well of you. Pastor Rod Bunton looks at the fourth beatitude recorded in Luke and tells us why we should expect persecution.

Blessings and Woes, Part 3

Luke 6:21,25 – Blessed are you who weep now and woe to you who laugh now. Pastor Rod Bunton looks at the third beatitude recorded in Luke and explains why we should be weeping.

Blessings and Woes, Part 2

Luke 6:17-26 – Blessed are you who are hungry and woe to those who are satisfied. Pastor Rod Bunton looks at the second of the beatitudes and explains what that hunger is for.