Sermons from March 2017

Sermons from March 2017

Lessons in Humility, Part 2

Luke 9:46-50 – Children held low status in society during the time of Christ, which is exactly why He told His disciples to become like the child. Pastor Rod Bunton concludes his teaching from this passage about the importance of humility in our spiritual growth.

Lessons in Humility, Part 1

Luke 9:46-50 – Even in the presence of the Messiah, the disciples became infected with pride. Pastor Rod Bunton begins to look at this passage and the importance of humility in our spiritual growth.

A Faithless and Twisted Generation

Luke 9:37-45 – After the magnificent “mountain top” experience of the transfiguration, Jesus encountered a very different “valley.” Pastor Rod Bunton teaches about the spiritually weak disciples who failed to strengthen their faith through prayer.

Eyewitnesses to His Majesty

Luke 9:27-36 – Although the apostles had heard from Jesus about his plans to die on the cross at Jerusalem and to be resurrected, they didn’t fully understand. Pastor Rod Bunton teaches that Peter, James, and John were given a unique preview of Jesus’ post-resurrection glory.