Sermons from April 2017

Sermons from April 2017

The Harvest is Plentiful, the Reaping is Near

Luke 10:1-12 – Jesus sent disciples to places where He would soon visit to prepare the way and to proclaim the need for a savior. Pastor Rod Bunton explains that Christ felt compassion because these sheep were without a shepherd and headed for judgment.

Psalm 103: Bless the Lord!

Psalm 103 – Remember what God has done for us, reflect on His character, remember our frailty, and respond to God’s love and benefits. Pastor Ben Khazraee points our gaze heavenward as he teaches from Psalm 103.

I Am the Resurrection and the Life

John 11:25 – When Jesus heard that his friend Lazarus was gravely ill, He delayed coming to visit him before Lazarus died. Pastor Rod Bunton uses this Resurrection Day sermon to highlight the glorious reason for this delay.

The Cost of Following Jesus

Luke 9:57-62 – Jesus encounters three men who declare that they want to follow him, but none of them seem ready. Pastor Rod Bunton looks at this third passage in Chapter 9 that focuses on the theme of following Christ.


Luke 9:51-56 – A planned visit to a Samaritan village provided Jesus with another opportunity to teach His disciples. Pastor Rod Bunton explores the lesson in mercy when the Samaritans refused to receive them.