Sermons from August 2018

Sermons from August 2018

Thirsting for God… Satisfied in God

Psalm 63 ~ David authored this psalm while in a desperate situation when he was fleeing for his life in the wilderness of Judah. Pastor Ben Khazraee applies this passage to our lives when he teaches that, despite the circumstances, David thirsts for, is satisfied in, and clings to God.

The Visible Kingdom, Part 2

Luke 17:22-37 ~ Continuing in this passage that speaks of the visible kingdom that will come, Jesus paints a clear picture of what this will look like. Pastor Rod Bunton helps us see that, despite sufficient warnings, much of the world will be caught by surprise when this kingdom comes and they discover that it also brings judgment.

The Visible Kingdom, Part 1

Luke 17:22-37 ~ Following his revelation to the Pharisees and his disciples about the kingdom in their midst (the invisible kingdom), Jesus reveals that there will be a second coming. Pastor Rod Bunton explores what Jesus says about this visible kingdom.

Are We in the Kingdom?

Luke 17:20-21 ~ The Jews, traditionally, were looking for the messiah and the promised kingdom and had many expectations about how that would look. Pastor Rod Bunton tells us the surprising answer that Jesus gave the Pharisees when they asked when the kingdom of God would come.