Sermons from February 2024

Sermons from February 2024

I Am the Good Shepherd

John 10:1-11 Jesus continued to teach and confound the Pharisees through the metaphor of the shepherd and his sheep. Pastor Rod Bunton begins to walk us through this teaching and how it relates to other promises and prophesies in the scriptures.

Justice in the Land

Deuteronomy 19-21 Pastor Ben Khazraee teaches from God’s rules regarding justice in Chapters 19 through 21.

Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind

John 9 In this chapter, Jesus performs another miracle in the healing of a man born blind who then becomes a believer. Pastor Rod Bunton explains that this both confused and aggravated the Pharisees who heard about it, but inspired the words of John Newton is his hymn, Amazing Grace.

You Have the Wrong Father

John 8:37-59 Jesus entered a debate with those listening to him and he revealed to them that the reason they didn’t believe him was because they were following the wrong father. Pastor Rod Bunton walks us through that debate and the incredible claims that Jesus made at its conclusion.

The Truth Will Set You Free

John 8:31-36 Jesus captured the attention of many who were listening to him at the Feast of Booths and became believers. Pastor Rod Bunton explores Jesus’ response to these new believers, exploring four benefits for those who have true faith.