Sermons from May 2024

Sermons from May 2024

Who is Responsible for Unbelief?

John 12:37-50 Jesus spoke clearly about who he was and what his mission was while he was here, and yet many did not believe in him. Pastor Rod Bunton explains the difficult truth that both man and God are responsible for unbelief.

The Son of Man Must Be Lifted Up

John 12:27-36 As Jesus was speaking with those who sought him out, and having revealed that the hour is at hand for the “Son of Man” to be glorified, he reflected on his upcoming death. Pastor Rod Bunton explains that Jesus, in his flesh, was troubled about what was coming and yet was resolute in fulfilling his mission to glorify the Father.

The Rapture

Pastor Doug Link teaches about the eschatological event known as the rapture and its applicability to those living and those who have already “fallen asleep.”

The Hour Has Come

John 12:20-26 Some Greeks who followed the God of Israel were in Jerusalem for the Passover and sought out Jesus. Pastor Rod Bunton explains that Jesus’ remarks to the Greeks revealed two things: that the time had finally come to glorify Him and that the salvation offered by following Him was available to the whole world and not the Jews alone.

The Humble Entry of a King

John 12:12-19 As Jesus arrived at Jerusalem for the Passover events, he arrived on the colt of a donkey and the crowd began praising him. Pastor Rod Bunton shows us how this event had been prophesied hundreds of years earlier and that they did not understand that this King was preparing to die.