Sermons on John

Sermons on John

One of You Will Betray Me

John 13:18-30 While dining in what would be their last supper together, Jesus reveals to the disciples that one of them would betray him. Pastor Rod Bunton explains that even though he spoke clearly, only Judas understood what Jesus meant; furthermore, the betrayal was orchestrated by God whose plan could not be prevented.

A Lesson in Humility

John 13:1-17 Jesus and his disciples convened for what would be his last supper and he surprised them by taking on the task of washing their feet. Pastor Rod Bunton show us that this lesson in humility taught them the difference between being cleansed of the penalty of sin and being washed of the pollution of sin.

Who is Responsible for Unbelief?

John 12:37-50 Jesus spoke clearly about who he was and what his mission was while he was here, and yet many did not believe in him. Pastor Rod Bunton explains the difficult truth that both man and God are responsible for unbelief.

The Son of Man Must Be Lifted Up

John 12:27-36 As Jesus was speaking with those who sought him out, and having revealed that the hour is at hand for the “Son of Man” to be glorified, he reflected on his upcoming death. Pastor Rod Bunton explains that Jesus, in his flesh, was troubled about what was coming and yet was resolute in fulfilling his mission to glorify the Father.

The Hour Has Come

John 12:20-26 Some Greeks who followed the God of Israel were in Jerusalem for the Passover and sought out Jesus. Pastor Rod Bunton explains that Jesus’ remarks to the Greeks revealed two things: that the time had finally come to glorify Him and that the salvation offered by following Him was available to the whole world and not the Jews alone.

The Humble Entry of a King

John 12:12-19 As Jesus arrived at Jerusalem for the Passover events, he arrived on the colt of a donkey and the crowd began praising him. Pastor Rod Bunton shows us how this event had been prophesied hundreds of years earlier and that they did not understand that this King was preparing to die.

Self-sacrificial Worship

John 12:1-11 On his way to the Passover events in Jerusalem, Jesus made a stop in Bethany to dine with friends where Mary caused a stir with her incredible display of worship. Pastor Rod Bunton explains the scene, the significance, and the reaction of those who witnessed it.

The Plot to Kill Jesus

John 11:45-57 The miracle of resurrecting Lazarus stirred up those who witnessed and heard about it — some becoming believers and others were threatened by the implications. Pastor Rod Bunton explains the motivation of the Pharisees, who had political reasons to kill Jesus but dot not realize that they were just part of a predetermined plan of God.

Where was Lazarus When He Died?

John 11:28-46 After Lazarus died, Jesus arrived at his tomb and performed the miracle of resurrection. Pastor Rod Bunton uses this event to explore what happened to Lazarus while he was dead and what happens to all believers when we die.

The Death of Lazarus

John 11:1-27 When Jesus receives word from Mary and Martha that their brother was ill and near death, he determines to stay where he was instead of rushing to heal Lazarus. Pastor Rod Bunton explains that while Jesus could have healed his illness, his plan was to orchestrate an event that would have a much greater impact.

The Messiah is God

John 10:30-42 Having just declared that he and the Father are one, Jesus stirred up the anger of the Jews who judged him guilty of blasphemy. Pastor Rod Bunton shows us why they shouldn’t have been surprised at Jesus’ claim since it was clearly prophesied in the Old Testament scriptures.

I and the Father Are One

John 10:22-30 Two months since our last passage, Jesus was confronted once again by the Jews and challenged about his identity as the Christ and so Jesus answers them plainly. Pastor Rod Bunton explains that even though they heard Jesus assert his deity, they still could not believe.