Doctrines of Grace

Doctrines of Grace

How do rebels against God become children of God? How do we reconcile God’s sovereignty and man’s free will? How should we understand the biblical concepts of predestination, foreknowledge, and election? Maybe you have wondered about these questions or had discussions with friends and family about them. Together, we will study the Scriptures to find answers. More than that, we will be amazed by God’s grace towards us.

Q & A Part 2

Pastor Doug Link answers questions submitted by class members. What is the extent of our “radical” depravity? What is the order of salvation? How do we properly understand seemingly contradictory verses? Is election unconditional or conditional? Is election corporate or individual?

Q & A Part 1

Pastor Ben Khazraee answers questions submitted by class members. If God is sovereign over all, why are we responsible for our sins? Why are some given the opportunity to repent and yet don’t? Would it be more correct to say that God “knows” all things rather than “determines” all things? Was there more than one intention for atonement? Did atonement pay for the sins of the whole world or just the elect?

God’s Sovereignty and Evangelism

Pastor Doug Link tackles a confusing topic among Christians: if God is sovereign over all and determines who is saved, why should we evangelize? NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, the recording only covers the first 17 minutes, 30 seconds of the lesson.

Unconditional Election

Doug Link continues in this series on the Doctrines of Grace by teaching about the “U” in the T.U.L.I.P. acrostic.
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