Luke (Series)

Luke (Series)

Senior Pastor Rod Bunton takes us through the Gospel of Luke, verse by verse.

Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus

Luke 22:47-53 After a night of praying, the time had finally come when Jesus would be betrayed by Judas and arrested by the Roman soldiers. Pastor Rod Bunton shows us that, even though there were many people involved in this event, only one of them was in control.

A New Season for Prayer

Luke 22:35-46 The night before his crucifixion, Jesus teaches his disciples that things are about to change and that they need to find a new source of provision. Pastor Rod Bunton shows how this lesson was teaching them to rely on God to provide the strength to resist temptation.

Peter’s Confidence Problem

Luke 22:28-34 On the night of the last supper, Jesus tells his disciples that Satan will sift them and test their faith. Pastor Rod Bunton teaches us how Peter’s confidence was setting him up for failure and made him vulnerable to Satan’s trap.

Who is the Greatest?

Luke 22:24-27 In an abrupt change of tone following the humble response to Jesus’ revelation that one of the disciples would betray him, they began to debate among themselves who would be the greatest in God’s kingdom. Pastor Rod Bunton teaches about how Jesus responded to this prideful debate.

One of You Will Betray Me

Luke 22:19-23 During the supper with Jesus the night before he is crucified, he revealed to his disciples that one of them would betray him. Pastor Rod Bunton explains how one of the disciples, chosen by Jesus himself, was destined to carry out God’s sovereign plan and then pay the price for his betrayal.

The True Passover Lamb

Luke 22:7-20 Jesus continued to orchestrate his plan for the cross by coordinating a Passover meal the night before his death. Pastor Rod Bunton explains the significance of this meal (for centuries, a remembrance of the founding of Israel) that Jesus transformed into the Lord’s Supper — a new covenant for Israel and all believers.

The Plot to Kill Jesus

Luke 22:1-6 As the Passover drew near, the chief priests and the scribes saw an opportunity to resolve their “Jesus problem.” Pastor Rod Bunton teaches how God used these men and Judas to sovereignly carry out his plan to save believers.

The Rapture

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 ~ In Luke 21, Jesus taught about the many signs that will precede the Day of the Lord, the destruction of Jerusalem, and the second coming. Pastor Rod Bunton visits 1 Thessalonians to explain what will happen to the church during these events.

The Fig Tree and the Generations

Luke 21:29-36 ~ After revealing many signs that will occur before the coming of The Day of the Lord, Jesus concludes his teaching with a parable and an admonition. Pastor Rod Bunton clarifies these controversial passages and helps us understand how to live in anticipation of the second coming.

Signs of His Coming: The Powers of the Heavens Will Be Shaken

Luke 21:25-28 ~ In the final part of his answer to his followers’ question, “When will these things be?”, Jesus describes signs in the heavens and the seas that will occur during the Great Tribulation. Pastor Rod Bunton dives deeper into these events and their timing which precede the coming of the Son of Man in a cloud with power and great glory!

Signs of His Coming: the Great Tribulation

Luke 21:20-28 ~ Continuing to answer his followers’ question, “When will these things be?”, Jesus describes some of the events that will occur during the Great Tribulation. Pastor Rod Bunton clarifies these events and ties them to other passages about the destruction of Jerusalem that precedes the Day of the Lord.