Sermons on Sanctification

Sermons on Sanctification

A Life that Pleases God, Part 2

1 Thessalonians 4:4-12 Paul addressed the need for the Thessalonian church to grow in their sanctification. Pastor Doug Link concludes a two-part series that discusses both sexual purity and some surprisingly ordinary areas of a Christian life that please God.

A Life that Pleases God, Part 1

1 Thessalonians 4:1-5 Paul had expressed his pleasure with how the Thessalonian church had grown spiritually since his departure, but then he turned his focus to areas where they needed growth. Pastor Doug Link begins a two-part series on an exhortation to grow in sanctification, starting with sexual purity.

Pursuing Holiness, Part 2

2 Peter 1:5-11 Peter lists qualities that we should pursue on our journey to holiness. Pastor Rod Bunton concludes his teaching from this passage, reviewing each of the qualities that lead to an effective and fruitful life, full of confidence in our spiritual condition.

Prepared for Sanctification, Part 2

2 Peter 1:3-4 Pastor Rod Bunton continues to explore this passage, showing how God provides all that we need to change our life: making the gospel attractive, allowing us to know the truth of the savior, to grow more like His divine nature, and to shield us from our own sinful desires.

Prepared for Sanctification

2 Peter 1:3-4 Peter assures his readers that after our justification by God, we can experience the process of sanctification knowing that we are supplied with everything we need. Pastor Rod Bunton looks at that amazing promise and compares it to many ways where we try to provide our own solutions to become sanctified.

Living in Light of the End, Part 2

1 Peter 4:9-11 Peter continues to explain the ways in which we should live, keeping in mind the knowledge of the end times. Pastor Rod Bunton concludes this passage about living the new life, examining more ways to love one another and how to be good stewards of God’s spiritual gifts.

Faithful in the Flesh

1 Peter 4:1-6 Peter follows his teaching about the suffering of Christ with teaching about believers who will also suffer before eternal glorification in Heaven. Pastor Rod Bunton highlights five practical ways to remain faithful to Christ while living in the flesh with our sinful desires.

Saying No to Sin and Yes to Christ

1 Corinthians 9:24-27 Using the analogy of an athlete, Paul explained to the Corinthians how to have a plan to win the race for sanctification. Pastor Rod Bunton concludes this passage by contrasting what sanctification is and what it is not.

Born to Run the Race

1 Corinthians 9:24-27 Having just explained the self-restraint that is necessary for evangelizing, Paul reminds the Corinthians that restraint is also a necessary part of sanctification. Pastor Rod Bunton explores Paul’s analogy of how progressive sanctification is like an athlete running a race.

Sanctification, Part 7

1 Corinthians 9:24–27 The apostle Paul compared our journey of growth in sanctification to an athletic contest where the competition is our own fleshly nature and the prize is much greater than what man can bestow. Pastor Rod Bunton encourages us from scripture to embrace righteousness and exercise self-control as he concludes his in-depth examination of the doctrine of Sanctification, another work of the Holy Spirit.

Sanctification, Part 6

Growth in our sanctification requires both changing our behavior regarding sin and also living our lives in Christ. Pastor Rod Bunton continues giving us practical ways to accomplish these things in his examination of the doctrine of Sanctification, another work of the Holy Spirit.

Sanctification, Part 5

Romans 6 Knowing that we are dead to sin and that we should live as if we are alive to God through Christ is great, but how do we do this, practically? Pastor Rod Bunton continues in Romans Chapter 6 and a careful examination of the doctrine of Sanctification, another work of the Holy Spirit.
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