Sermons from December 2015

Sermons from December 2015

God and Sinners Reconciled

Colossians 1:15-22 – How could there be a good God in the midst of the evil world we’re living in now? Pastor Rod Bunton explains how, although the world is at war with God, He has made “peace” on earth.

The Promised Emmanuel

Micah 5 ~ The Old Testament contains an amazing number of prophesies specifically about the Messiah. Pastor Rod Bunton reviews some of them and teaches about their ultimate fulfillment in the birth of Jesus Christ.

Miracles and Signs

Luke 4:38-44 ~ The amazing works of Jesus during His earthly ministry demonstrated to the witnesses that He was the awaited messiah and, truly, the son of God. Pastor Rod Bunton reminds us that, although the miracles were amazing, it was Jesus’ work on the cross that truly changes people.

Resisting the Devil

Luke 4:31-37 ~ We may not always see evidence of the Devil and his demons in our daily life, but we must be watchful and wary, nonetheless. Pastor Rod Bunton concludes his teaching on this passage by providing some practical application from scripture.