Sermons from November 2016

Sermons from November 2016

The Parable of the Soils, Part 1

Luke 8:4-15 – This well known passage is often called The Parable of the Sower, but the focus of the parable is not the sower or even the seeds. Pastor Rod Bunton explains that the parable is about the condition of the heart.

The Work and Workers of Jesus

Luke 8:1-3 – Luke starts Chapter 8 by describing the typical ministry of Jesus, including three women that were traveling with him. Pastor Rod Bunton uses this passage to remind us to focus on the depth of our ministry and let God take care of the breadth.

Who is This, Who Even Forgives Sins?

Luke 7:36-50 – When Simon the Pharisee invited Jesus to dine at his home, he hoped to trap him doing something controversial in order to discredit him. Pastor Rod Bunton show us how Jesus turned the event into another teaching moment, further proving his deity.

A Generation of Unbelievers

Luke 7:31-35 – Unbelievers rejected the message from both John the Baptist and Jesus, and so they attacked the messengers. Pastor Rod Bunton explains that the truth is more important than the presentation.