Sermons from September 2017

Sermons from September 2017

The Sign of Jonah

Luke 11:29-34 – As great crowds started following Jesus, he had a critical message to deliver to them. Pastor Rod Bunton explains how the signs that the crowds were seeking were not leading them to repentance.

Your Morality Won’t Save You

Luke 11:24-28 – After casting out a demon and being accused of doing it apart from God, Jesus uses a parable to teach a valuable lesson about true restoration. Pastor Rod Bunton explores how this lesson teaches about the need for regeneration.

He Who is Not With Me is Against Me

Luke 11:14-23 – Despite a wealth of evidence they had witnessed with their own eyes, some around Christ did not believe that he was of God. Pastor Rod Bunton preaches about those who didn’t realize their hardened condition.