Sermons from February 2022

Sermons from February 2022

Praising God in Our Present Circumstances

1 Peter 1:6-9 Armed with the proper perspective about our future hope, Peter turns to the subject of living through the trials in our present life. Pastor Rod Bunton shows how we can have joy and praise God even while we walk through difficult circumstances.

Go to the Future

1 Peter 1:3-5 Peter starts this message with a doxology and a look at the big picture of the Christian life. Pastor Rod Bunton shows us Peter’s approach: if you want to think rightly about your current affairs, to deal with the here and now, go to the future and understand God’s great mercy which gives us hope.

Chosen Aliens

1 Peter 1:1b-2 As Peter opens his letter with a greeting, he imparts important theology about who Christians are and why we are chosen by God. Pastor Rod Bunton dives deeply into the seemingly simple greeting that has a powerful meaning.

Why Listen to Peter?

1 Peter 1:1a Jesus chose an unlikely apostle to build his church. Pastor Rod Bunton begins a new series in Peter’s first epistle and pauses to reflect on the character and history of Simon Peter that made him the perfect choice for this mission.