Sermons from 2023

Sermons from 2023

Teaching Through Miracles

John 6:1-29 John recounts two well-known miracles performed by Jesus: feeding the five thousand and walking on the water. Pastor Rod Bunton shows how these were both used by Jesus to teach about his true ministry.

Witnesses to Jesus

John 5:31-47 Jesus continued his bold declaration of deity and provided evidence beyond just his own words. Pastor Rod Bunton looks at three witnesses that Jesus provides to support his claim: John the Baptist, Jesus’ miracles, and the scriptures themselves.

The Son of Man Gives Life

John 5:24-30 After boldly claiming equality with God, Jesus went on to teach the importance of believing his words and repenting. Pastor Rod Bunton explains the two different consequences for those who hear and believe and those who don’t.

Jesus is Equal with God

John 5:16-24 Having just healed on the Sabbath, the Jews were stirred to anger at Jesus. What happened next moved them to seek to find a way to kill him. Pastor Rod Bunton looks at Jesus’ claim of equality with God and the evidences that he presented to support that claim.

Healing Leads to Grace or Rejection

John 4:43-5:17 John includes two encounters that Jesus had with people in need of healing and their contrasting responses are significant. Rod Bunton explores how Jesus’ healing miracles led to saving faith in one case and rejection in the other.

Worship in Spirit and Truth

John 4:23-26 While revealing his deity to the woman at the well, Jesus also emphasized that worship wasn’t about a place but about a person. Pastor Rod Bunton looks at two characteristics of worship taught by Jesus in this passage.