Sermons from July 2023

Sermons from July 2023

Cleansing the Temple

John 2:12-22 In this well-known passage, Jesus discovers vendors that supported the needs of the Passover had moved into the temple. Pastor Rod Bunton shows how Jesus’ actions were intended to cleanse the distractions from true worship that God deserved in His house.

Recruiting Disciples

John 1:35-2:11 The beginning of Jesus’ ministry starts with the recruiting of disciples and convincing them that he is the Messiah for which they were waiting. Pastor Rod Bunton covers a long passage that demonstrates that the glory of Jesus was being manifested right away.

The Testimony of John the Baptist, Part 2

John 1:25-34 Those who were questioning John the baptizer asked, “Why are you baptizing?” because they didn’t believe he had authority from Jerusalem. Pastor Rod Bunton concludes his teaching on John’s testimony in which he explains why he was particularly chosen for this job.

The Testimony of John the Baptist, Part 1

John 1:19-24 After making the case for who Jesus is, John the apostle turns his focus to the ministry of John the Baptist. In this first of two messages, Pastor Rod Bunton answers one of two questions posed to John the Baptist, “Who are you?”

The Word Made Flesh

John 1:14-18 John continues to beautifully describe the incarnation of Christ in this passage. Pastor Rod Bunton expands on the implications of the Word becoming flesh and dwelling among us.