Sermons from August 2023

Sermons from August 2023

The New Birth

John 3:1-3 John Chapter 3 is a well-know passage containing the world’s most quoted verse which is one that gets to the heart of the salvation message. Pastor Rod Bunton introduces Nicodemus and the question that was burdening his heart: “What must I do to see Heaven?”

Jesus Knows the Heart of Man

John 2:23-25 Many people at the Passover Feast confessed belief in Jesus because of the signs that he performed. Pastor Rod Bunton explores this passage that explains that Jesus knew that their “miracle faith” was not true because it wasn’t the faith born of regeneration.

When I’m Afraid I Will Trust in You

Psalm 56 In this Psalm by David, he laments his fearful situation but confesses his trust in God’s protection. Pastor Ben Khazraee relates the depth of David’s fear and his resolve to have faith in God’s promises to our lives as Christians today.

Living in a Culture of Lies

Psalm 12 In this Psalm, David laments about living in a world where he is surrounded by liars. Pastor Ben Khazraee shows how these circumstances are still affecting us today and, like David, we can have hope in God’s word.