Luke (Series) (Page 14)

Luke (Series) (Page 14)

Senior Pastor Rod Bunton takes us through the Gospel of Luke, verse by verse.

A Divine Baptism

Luke 3:15-22 ~ John’s ministry involved the baptism of men in need of repentance, but he also baptized Jesus. Pastor Rod Bunton explains why a perfect man had to do what seemed unnecessary.

He Who is Mightier Than I is Coming

Luke 3:7-20 ~ John the Baptist preached repentance because he knew that the messiah was coming. Pastor Rod Bunton explains the consequences of that coming event for those who do not repent.

The Fruit of Repentance

Luke 3:1-14 ~ Repentance is the essential doctrine of salvation because you need to see your sin to turn away from it and towards God. Pastor Rod Bunton follows the ministry of John the Baptist and explains that true repentance, granted by God, produces fruit in our lives.

Baptism of Repentance

Luke 3:1-9 ~ Luke provides a view into the ministry of John the Baptist. Pastor Rod Bunton explains how that ministry, leading up the to coming ministry of Jesus, was focused on repentance.

I Must Be In My Father’s House

Luke 2:39-52 ~ The Gospel of Luke records the period of Jesus’ life from a small child to the beginning of His public ministry in only 14 verses of Chapter 2. Pastor Rod Bunton teaches from this passage about the perfect humanity of Christ and His increasing in wisdom.

A Providential Encounter

Luke 2:25-38 ~ Pastor Rod Bunton takes us through the prophesied meeting between Simeon and the promised Messiah whom he considered precious.

Fulfilling the Righteousness of the Law

Luke 2:21-26 ~ Pastor Rod Bunton introduces us to the next events recorded in Luke after Jesus’ birth wherein the wisdom of God is evident in the actions that ensure that Jesus is innocent with respect to the law.

An Incredible Announcement

Luke 2:8-20 ~ After the birth of Jesus, God announced the arrival through an angel. Pastor Rod Bunton teaches how this incredible news was first shared with those that were considered lowly by man’s standards.

An Ordinary Birth of an Exceptional Son

Luke 2:1-7 ~ When the time was right for the eternal Son of God to be born as a man, the events were divinely orchestrated to fulfill prophecy. Pastor Rod Bunton explains how God brought Mary & Joseph to a small city for a humble birth.

Putting Pearls on a String

Luke 1:67-80 ~ After the birth of John the Baptist, Zechariah was able to speak again and he delivered a prophecy, Pastor Rod Bunton teaches, that tied import events in the Old Testament to future events that would provide for forgiveness of sins.

He Shall Be Called John

Luke 1:56-66 ~ When the time was right, God bestowed amazing grace to Zechariah, Elizabeth, and the rest of the world starting with the birth of the John the Baptist. Pastor Rod Bunton concludes this passage full of mercy, faith, and hope.