Sermons by Rod Bunton (Page 2)

Sermons by Rod Bunton (Page 2)

Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind

John 9 In this chapter, Jesus performs another miracle in the healing of a man born blind who then becomes a believer. Pastor Rod Bunton explains that this both confused and aggravated the Pharisees who heard about it, but inspired the words of John Newton is his hymn, Amazing Grace.

You Have the Wrong Father

John 8:37-59 Jesus entered a debate with those listening to him and he revealed to them that the reason they didn’t believe him was because they were following the wrong father. Pastor Rod Bunton walks us through that debate and the incredible claims that Jesus made at its conclusion.

The Truth Will Set You Free

John 8:31-36 Jesus captured the attention of many who were listening to him at the Feast of Booths and became believers. Pastor Rod Bunton explores Jesus’ response to these new believers, exploring four benefits for those who have true faith.

I Am the Light of the World

John 8:12-30, also John 7:53-8:11 Jesus makes three claims in this passage that frustrate and confuse the Pharisees. Pastor Rod Bunton reviews these claims and how the last was the one that could not be understood or dismissed by the Pharisees but is crucial to all of his followers.

Can This Be the Christ?

John 7:25-52 Having made an appearance and stirring up turmoil by teaching truth, many at the Feast of Booths were confused by Jesus. Pastor Rod Bunton clears up the confusion that the Pharisees were causing because of their ignorance and disbelief.

The Feast of Booths

John 7:1-24 When the time for the Feast of Booths approached, Jesus was encouraged to attend in order to engage large crowds. Pastor Rod Bunton dives into the reason that Jesus rejected that plan but then attended when the time was right for the opportunity to teach with impact and authority.

Words of Eternal Life

John 6:41-71 Jesus continued talking about the bread of life and it tested the resolve of those who heard it. Pastor Rod Bunton explains the meaning of “feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood” and reviews three responses to Jesus’ words that describe the way to eternal life.

Bread from Heaven

John 6:30-40 The crowd of people who were following Jesus were impressed with his miracle in feeding the five thousand and urged him to continue feeding them like Moses did in the exodus. Pastor Rod Bunton walks through Jesus’ response wherein he claims that he is the true bread that they should seek.

Teaching Through Miracles

John 6:1-29 John recounts two well-known miracles performed by Jesus: feeding the five thousand and walking on the water. Pastor Rod Bunton shows how these were both used by Jesus to teach about his true ministry.

Witnesses to Jesus

John 5:31-47 Jesus continued his bold declaration of deity and provided evidence beyond just his own words. Pastor Rod Bunton looks at three witnesses that Jesus provides to support his claim: John the Baptist, Jesus’ miracles, and the scriptures themselves.

The Son of Man Gives Life

John 5:24-30 After boldly claiming equality with God, Jesus went on to teach the importance of believing his words and repenting. Pastor Rod Bunton explains the two different consequences for those who hear and believe and those who don’t.

Jesus is Equal with God

John 5:16-24 Having just healed on the Sabbath, the Jews were stirred to anger at Jesus. What happened next moved them to seek to find a way to kill him. Pastor Rod Bunton looks at Jesus’ claim of equality with God and the evidences that he presented to support that claim.