Sermons by Rod Bunton (Page 3)

Sermons by Rod Bunton (Page 3)

Signs of His Coming: the Great Tribulation

Luke 21:20-28 ~ Continuing to answer his followers’ question, “When will these things be?”, Jesus describes some of the events that will occur during the Great Tribulation. Pastor Rod Bunton clarifies these events and ties them to other passages about the destruction of Jerusalem that precedes the Day of the Lord.

Signs of His Coming: Wars

Luke 21:8-11 ~ Continuing to answer his followers’ question, “When will these things be?”, Jesus describes the coming of wars. Pastor Rod Bunton teaches about this second sign that Jesus gives to help identify the Day of the Lord.

Signs of His Coming: Religious Deception

Luke 21:8-11 ~ After having foretold the destruction of the temple, Jesus’ followers asked him, “When will these things be?” Pastor Rod Bunton teaches about the first of several answers that Jesus gives to help identify the signs of His coming.

A Sign of Things to Come

Luke 21:5-7 ~ As Jesus is leaving the temple, some with him remarked on the beauty of the building. Pastor Rod Bunton explains that, in this introduction to the Olivet Discourse, Jesus teaches them that the impressive building would one day be destroyed, a prophetic warning that would have an impact both in the near future and into eternity.

Woe to You, Scribes and Pharisees

Luke 20:45-21:4 ~ After the scribes and Pharisees failed to expose Christ as a pretender, Jesus begins to teach his followers. Pastor Rod Bunton preaches about Jesus’ first topic in which he turns the tables and warns his disciples about the scribes and Pharisees.

Whose Son Is the Christ?

Luke 20:42-44 ~ After rebuffing the scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees, and Herodians, Jesus asks his own question to those who were trying to challenge him. Pastor Rod Bunton teaches how Jesus used the very Scriptures themselves to challenge their own understanding about the identity and nature of the Messiah.

Marriage in Heaven

Luke 20:27-40 ~ One final attempt to discredit Jesus during the week leading to the cross, this time from the Sadducees, was a question regarding the fate of a woman married several times under Levitical law when she is resurrected in Heaven. Pastor Rod Bunton explains Jesus’ answer, oft misunderstood even today, that showed the absurdity of the question and their ignorance of Scripture.

Paying Taxes to Caesar

Luke 20:19-26 ~ After realizing that Jesus’ parable of the wicked tenants was directed at and condemning of them, the scribes, chief priests, and Pharisees schemed to entrap Jesus by causing him to say something that they could report to the authorities. Pastor Rod Bunton shows how Jesus’ surprising answer silenced His critics and frustrated them even more.

Surely Not!

Luke 20:9-18 ~ Following the challenge to his authority by the religious leaders in the crowd, Jesus tells a parable about a vineyard owner who attempts to require settlement from his tenants. Pastor Rod Bunton teaches the meaning of the parable and how it directly applied to the nation of Israel, which shocked those listening when they realized what that meant to them.

Challenging the Authority of Jesus

Luke 20:1-8 ~ Following the cleansing of the temple, the chief priests, scribes, and elders started scheming to find a way to discredit Jesus and they confronted him with a question that was certain to accomplish that. Pastor Rod Bunton teaches how Jesus’ response to this challenge—the first of four that will he will see on this day—actually confirms the validity of his power and authority.

Compassion for Jerusalem

Luke 19:41-48 ~ After his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Jesus weeps because he knows the condition of the hearts of people and their future judgment. Pastor Rod Bunton explains why this action and the cleansing of the temple reflect the compassion Jesus felt for those who would eventually condemn him.