Sermons from December 2023

Sermons from December 2023

Your Promises Give Me Life

Psalm 119:41-56 The psalmist in this passage reflects on God’s promises as given in His word. Pastor Ben Khazraee looks at each point that address how God’s promises affect our lives generally and, especially, our lives during times of affliction.

Who is Jesus?

Matthew 1:18-25 We know that Jesus is the son of God, but he’s also the son of Mary and Joseph. Pastor Doug Link visits Matthew Chapter 1 to look at the answer to the question, “Who is Jesus?”

Words of Eternal Life

John 6:41-71 Jesus continued talking about the bread of life and it tested the resolve of those who heard it. Pastor Rod Bunton explains the meaning of “feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood” and reviews three responses to Jesus’ words that describe the way to eternal life.

Bread from Heaven

John 6:30-40 The crowd of people who were following Jesus were impressed with his miracle in feeding the five thousand and urged him to continue feeding them like Moses did in the exodus. Pastor Rod Bunton walks through Jesus’ response wherein he claims that he is the true bread that they should seek.

Teaching Through Miracles

John 6:1-29 John recounts two well-known miracles performed by Jesus: feeding the five thousand and walking on the water. Pastor Rod Bunton shows how these were both used by Jesus to teach about his true ministry.

Witnesses to Jesus

John 5:31-47 Jesus continued his bold declaration of deity and provided evidence beyond just his own words. Pastor Rod Bunton looks at three witnesses that Jesus provides to support his claim: John the Baptist, Jesus’ miracles, and the scriptures themselves.