Sermons by Rod Bunton (Page 5)

Sermons by Rod Bunton (Page 5)

True Repentance and Submission

Luke 18:18-30 ~ When a successful and rich ruler realized that he had everything except eternal life, he asked Jesus what he must do to obtain that. Past Rod Bunton shows us how Jesus exposed this man’s superficial faith by challenging him to do something that he wasn’t willing to carry out, even for such a precious gift.

Let the Children Come to Me

Luke 18:15-17 ~ When parents began bringing their children to Jesus to be blessed, his disciples became annoyed by the distraction they were causing to adults who, unlike the children, could understand the teaching. Pastor Rod Bunton explains why Jesus rebuked the disciples and what significance this has on the meaning of saving faith.

Can You Make Yourself Right with God?

Luke 18:9-14 ~ Jesus told a parable comparing a Pharisee, who thought himself righteous because of how he conducted his life, and a tax collector, who confessed his sinful standing and begged God for mercy. Pastor Rod Bunton shows how this parable answers the question that separates Christianity from all other religions: Can you make yourself right with God?

Do Not Lose Heart

Luke 18:1-8 ~ After teaching his disciples about the coming visible kingdom on earth, he knows that the wait would test their patience. Pastor Rod Bunton explains the parable that Jesus tells to encourage them to pray without ceasing and not lose heart until that day.

The Visible Kingdom, Part 2

Luke 17:22-37 ~ Continuing in this passage that speaks of the visible kingdom that will come, Jesus paints a clear picture of what this will look like. Pastor Rod Bunton helps us see that, despite sufficient warnings, much of the world will be caught by surprise when this kingdom comes and they discover that it also brings judgment.

The Visible Kingdom, Part 1

Luke 17:22-37 ~ Following his revelation to the Pharisees and his disciples about the kingdom in their midst (the invisible kingdom), Jesus reveals that there will be a second coming. Pastor Rod Bunton explores what Jesus says about this visible kingdom.

Are We in the Kingdom?

Luke 17:20-21 ~ The Jews, traditionally, were looking for the messiah and the promised kingdom and had many expectations about how that would look. Pastor Rod Bunton tells us the surprising answer that Jesus gave the Pharisees when they asked when the kingdom of God would come.

Your Faith Has Made You Well

Luke 17:11-19 ~ Continuing his journey to meet his predetermined fate in Jerusalem, Jesus visited a village of lepers to heal them of their illnesses and to demonstrate yet another contrast between true believers and pretenders. Pastor Rod Bunton explains how only one who was healed was truly grateful and how the faith that he exhibited brought him healing that was more than physical.

Faith and Duty

Luke 17:5-10 ~ Continuing his teaching to the disciples in the presence of the Pharisees, Jesus covers two topics that separate true believers from self-righteous pretenders. Pastor Rod Bunton helps us understand the importance of true faith that is given by God and our duty to serve him without expecting anything in return.

Giving and Taking Offense to Sin

Luke 17:1-4 ~ Speaking to a mixed crowd, Jesus begins to focus more on his disciples with teaching that describes how believers should live and draws comparisons to the way non-believers (like the Pharisees) live their lives. Pastor Rod Bunton explains the message being taught in this passage that covers two aspects related to sin: don’t offend other believers by causing them to sin and don’t be offended when other believers sin against you.

They Have Moses and the Prophets

Luke 16:19-31 ~ Continuing his teaching, Jesus related a parable about the rich man and Lazarus that paints a clear picture of eternal suffering in Hell. Pastor Rod Bunton explains that Jesus wanted to drive his audience to repentance through the pleading of the rich man who thought he would find himself in Heaven but faced reality after death, failing to heed the warnings while he was still alive.

Characterizing Empty Religion

Luke 16:14-18 ~ After hearing Jesus teach about the dishonest manager and the impossibility of serving two masters, the Pharisees (who were lovers of money) ridiculed Jesus. Pastor Rod Bunton explores Jesus’ response to this ridicule where he identifies four things that characterized the Pharisees and other empty religions.