Sermons from May 2022

Sermons from May 2022

A Hard List

1 Peter 2:15-17 Peter encourages his readers to live in a way that puts Christ on display by instructing them to do some inconvenient things. Pastor Rod Bunton continues his series by examining each of these four things that show that we fear God more than we fear people.

Repeal of Roe vs. Wade?

Pastor Rod Bunton reflects on the Christian perspective on abortion in anticipation of the Supreme Court’s expected repeal of the landmark case that made the procedure legal in the United States. The video referenced during the lesson can be viewed here.

Walking in Love

2 John 4-13 In the remaining verses of this short letter, John focuses on being obedient to Christ by loving one another and by watching diligently for false teaching. Pastor Doug Link concludes this series by showing us that loving one another must be accompanied by our desire to contend for the truth.

Walking in Truth

2 John 1-3 In this short letter, John focuses on embracing objective truth as Christians but only if it is accompanied by love. Pastor Doug Link begins this series by examining our walk in truth because when it abides in us it is what binds us together.

Submission to Governing Authorities

1 Peter 2:13-14 Having described the general behavior that Christians should exhibit, Peter starts describing more specific areas to demonstrate our obedience to God. Pastor Rod Bunton tackles the first area — submission to those that God has put in authority over us, even if they are godless.

The Battle is Within You

1 Peter 2:11-12 Peter reminds his readers that, as Christians, we are not like the unbelievers around us; in fact, he calls us “aliens and strangers” in this world. Pastor Rod Bunton reminds us that this means we have an obligation and the power to behave differently.